Showcase and broadcast your brand assets through creative, fully customizable and immersive virtual sessions.

Event is not dead.
It just mutated.

What is a virtual session?

Looking for new ways to showcase your product, service, message or presentation without the possibility to do it on site in the front of a live audience? Time to go virtual.

Virtual Sessions is a platform allowing professionals to virtually connect their brand to their audience, at any time, from anywhere.

We offer and deploy a wide range of custom remote solutions (online & offline) allowing you to showcase and broadcast your brand assets to your target group in an innovative & effective way.

Our virtual solutions


Virtual live conference

Broadcast your assets to your remote audience during a video conference with full 3D and premium integration. Stream it live or host it on a dedicated & secure platform.


Virtual showroom 360°

Showcase your product(s) in an immersive & interactive 360° environment.


Virtual / Augmented reality

Make your products pop right in the front of your audience eyes thanks to playful VR and AR solutions.


Experiential boxes

Package your assets in a premium box and send it by mail to your audience for a real “digital” and interactive discovery.


Other custom solutions

There are thousands ways to explore and bypass the reality of todays’ communication limitations. Let us conceive your own together.

Why going virtual?

New world, new rules

Yesterday, flying hundreds of customers from all over the world to enter a tradeshow, discover a new product, participate to a VIP event, or attend to a live conference was a common thing. But the world is changing, and it’s changing fast.

Environmental awareness and global health issues are forcing us to rethink and reshape the way we market, communicate, activate and connect to our audiences. We crafted Virtual Sessions to address those issues and help brands to live up to those new challenges.



I found it amazing. Very well done, with various environments for each fragrance. I have the feeling of being totally immersed in the universe of the brand trough the video.

Nice achievement ! Congratulations ! It’s very far from a « classic presentation ». Clients will be pleasantly surprised.

Sales Mvanager Domestic Market Europe & Africa


I spent 75 delicious minutes watching this amazing video. That was beyond and above expectations I feel honored for having received your magnificent plan for 2021…

Just to let you know my personal thinking : sharing this beautiful communication increases the sense of belonging to Bvlgari for an employee … today more than ever !

HR Information system and Administration Manager


I discover today the amazing job you have done for the new 2021 innovation plan and the new virtual solution!

It is super impactful, creative, clear, super well done to the entire team! Thank you

Europe & Africa Marketing Director at Bulgari


Our trusted clients

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