Alexander McQueen New Fragrance


Create a complete range of digital video assets to sustain the launch of Alexander McQueen’s new fragrance online. We created a series of videos showing the luxurious ingredients, skill, and craftsmanship used to create this new perfume.


We filmed the source ingredients and their harvest in India and the UK, and then followed the multinational creation of the packaging from France (the glass bottle), Hong Kong (metal embellishments), and Germany (the box). We completed the content suite with a 30s pack-shot video shot in the studio in incredible detail to showcase the details of the finished bottle.
All these assets were compiled on a dedicated website (we co-created) and released as teasers with a countdown timed to sunset GMT – to highlight the night blooming aspect of the perfume’s key ingredients. After the first 3 months on the market, this site was integrated to the AMQ official website.


Our videos were used as PR tools and main communication assets on the brand’s website and social networks, as well as in-store in selected markets.
Our pack-shot video ran for two months on screens throughout Dubai airport.