Amouage The Exceptional Extraits


The Amouage House is well known for its potent fragrances. A few months back, they decided to create The Exceptional Extraits… More powerful versions of existing Amouage fragrances, with unprecedented levels of concentration. For the launch of these Extraits, we were commissioned to craft a strong visual campaign (pictures & videos), reflecting the raw power of these fragrance’s compositions.


The direction we chose to reflect this feeling of power, was to “basically” smash natural stones. Revealing the materials & textures and so convey a feeling of rawness. Some custom-made sculpts from natural stone specialists Vandenweghe and Solid Nature were created to elevate the shooting setup. To bring these pictures to Life, we teamed up with Belgian photographer Caro De Raedemaeker as well as the production team at Bouncerocks.