Bulgari Olfactive Signature



Tubereuse Mystique concludes the series of five fragrances created by Bvlgari. With its extraordinary complex scent and its voluptuosity, the Tuberose was chosen to represent the olfactive signature. For its launch, Bvlgari challenged us to:

Capture the majestic field of Tuberoses as well as the noble care required for the harvesting work.

Create content traducing the fragrance’s olfactive signature.


We travelled to India to capture the fragrance’s core ingredient, Tuberose, as well as its harvesting process.

To highlight the fragrance’s olfactive signature, we emphasized this gem of nature’s natural beauty & preciousness. Alongside the Tuberose’s delicacy, the other main ingredients (Plum, Vanilla, Davana, Blackcurrant & Myrrh) flourished under a twilight, translating a momentum between dream and reality.

Showcasing the harvest’s peculiarity, we captured fieldworkers at twilight aspiring to show the exigent harvesting process as well as the tuberoses blooming and their precious natural requirements.