Miracle Powder Puff


The Real Techniques Miracle 2-in-1 Powder Puff is a multipurpose, dual- textured makeup puff designed to work with powders, liquids, and creams for a soft, seamlessly set base. The brand came to us with the playful mission of creating a series of colorful 3D static & video assets to be released for the launch of this new exciting and miraculous product.


To showcase the duality of the puff and educate the consumer on the different facets and uses of the product, we played with a dynamic alternance of the two flashy colors, a quick variation of angles and range of textures (sponge, liquid, creamy, hairy) for a very playful and colorful outcome.

The assets were leveraged at launch on social media, retailers’ and Real techniques websites, and participated to what is still today one of the most successful launches to date for the brand.