Alexander McQueen Fragrance House


Present the new Alexander McQueen fragrance and excite for upcoming seasons. Convey the McQueen Fragrance House commitment to the most exclusive ingredients and impeccable craftsmanship.  Stand out among competing brands all presenting to 400 P&G distributors from all over the world.


Create a 200 m2 experience space in the hotel hosting the conference.
We collaborated with world-renowned floral artist Thierry Boutemy to decorate the space from top to bottom with live flowers. Showcasing the top notes of the fragrance, guests experienced an intoxicating immersion in a Victorian garden of jasmine and tuberose, an ‘Eau Blanche’ based perfumer’s organ, and a jeweller at work on unique bottle.


Visitors were entranced by the McQueen universe – they discovered products, spoke to fragrance experts from the brand, and left with a memorable experience of luxury craftsmanship.
Voted ‘best brand experience for distributors’ by P&G’s management.