Bulgari Omnialandia


For the second time in a row, Bvlgari appointed us to upgrade their yearly Distributors Conference’s game, to present their 2020-2021 fragrances & initiatives in a big way to more than 250 attendees, and create a memorable experience at the prestigious Salone delle Fontane venue, in Rome.


Taking full advantage of the gigantic 3 panel screens covering the venue (220 square meter in total), Wildvertising developed 180° immersive 3D video content for Omnia Golden Citrine, last floral and playful creation of the Bvlgari Omnia Series, taking the audience in a full ride through the Luna Park like universe of the fragrance collection, and presenting a joyful Omnia teaser as last destination of the visual journey.


Cherry on the cake, the audience was invited to wear interactive light bracelets that reacted live with the video flow and content, changing colors during the ride to fit Omnia’s colorful visual attractions.