Licor 43 Food Truck


Wildvertising had already been working for Licor 43 for five years with a clear objective: help people discover the product.
In early 2016, we received a new challenge: find a creative solution to place the product as a digestif in the mind of consumers while emphasizing its Spanish roots.


We decided to create our own Licor 43 foodtruck, and recruited Olivier De Vriendt from Michelin two-starred restaurant “L’air du temps” to develop five original recipes with Licor 43 as a key ingredient.

We made a series of videos to amplify the recipe concept on the brand’s Facebook page, and we toured the truck round the best and biggest foodtruck festivals in Belgium.


Reactions were ultra-positive from both public and clients. While initially, this was a national initiative – the recipe videos were picked up by all markets in Europe.